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The Winning Attitude

A More Profitable Practice

Like most healthcare professionals, you may have in your head the idea that perhaps your practice could be more profitable, more efficient, more organized. Just a sneaking feeling … maybe a bit vague though on how it can be achieved. Maybe you’ve seen published stats through your college or association as to how others are

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Stress Free

Controlling Your Stress

  Perhaps you have experienced having a fantastic production month in January and you think, “Yes! Off to a great new year!” And then in February, the practice dives into a huge slump. And you don’t know why. Bonuses vanish and everyone gets bummed. March is looking about as bad but you have a feeling

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Why Bosses Might Get Cranky

Like anyone else, there are days when a boss might get a little cranky or irritated. For many, they feel like they have the weight of the world on their shoulders. They didn’t know when they graduated that they were signing up for the following: to have to work out how to make payroll every

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How To Get In Trouble With Your Staff

Cute joke to illustrate a key point: A kindergarten pupil told his teacher that he found a cat. She asked him if it was dead or alive. He told her it was dead. She asked him how he knew that. He innocently replied, “Because I pissed in its ear and it didn’t move.” The teacher

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CE Doesn’t Have to be Boring

  There are always one or more conferences every year that you can and should attend and you can always justify taking the time off. (See the reasons below.) You could be missing out on a lot of fun combined with some superlative education. You snooze, you lose! Continuing education is a must for any

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Are you doing your very best?

You have probably heard many stories from your patients or clients about practices they have been to where they felt a lack of service and care from the team. Sometimes, they are mentioning that the staff seemed very uncaring or even rude. Sometimes it is the doctor who is the target … “too rushed,” “didn’t

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