Coping like mad but getting nowhere?

You say to yourself as you head toward the practice, “It’s going to be a great day today.” You are trying to pump yourself up to survive another day. You walk into reception and the first thing you are hit with is that one of the staff is ill and not there. A patient or

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Micromanaging: A Balancing Act

Being a good and effective executive, whether as the practice owner or the office manager, is sometimes like walking a tightrope without aerialist training.  Step over the edge on either side and there can be serious negative results. Coaching and training your staff on how you want your practice procedures to be performed is a

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You Know You Are A Micro Manager If…

you worry about what to do about the squeak in the cabinet door in your office when you are at home you require every decision your staff make, even on the smallest detail, be brought to you for approval you personally keep close track of your supplies like how many rubber gloves are being used

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