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Be Inspiring!

Whether you are the leader of the practice or a team member, you will enjoy your labours more profoundly if you are working to inspire yourself and the others around you to be the very best they can be. I have compiled a bunch of inspiring quotes to help.  Have you too made a quote

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Well Done

Bosses Who Sing Praises

There are many stories about bosses you could live without, who get angry and make your life difficult, and you may have experienced some of them yourself. We won’t go there today, but rather, we are going to look at the ideal world. Most staff are satisfied with their jobs overall. But what takes a

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Definition: “A group of players forming one side in a competitive game or sport.” Very interesting wording: “forming one side”. Over the years we have worked with many practices with different quantities of staff, from one doctor and one staff member, up to a practice that had 6 owners and 32 staff. Even in the

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The Four Stages of a Practice: From Love to Hate

The Four Stages of a Practice: From Love to Hate Just as products have a life cycle or shelf life, so do practice owners and managers. You can go from the fun stage (when you first started up) to the final stage of “I hate my practice and I want out” (which can go on

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Thank you

Boost Your Success By Thanking People

In a Gallup poll of 2,000 workers, 69% said praise and recognition from their bosses is more motivating than money.  Four out of five workers said recognition or praise motivates them to do a better job.  Despite this, most workers feel they are not properly recognized nor praised. Studies by the US Army show soldiers

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The Life Cycle of a Manager

We held a Power Practice Conference this past weekend with this awesome speaker, Patrick Valtin.  He wowed us with 3 days of valuable, practical data.  Here is one of the concepts he put forward. Just as products have a life cycle or shelf life, so do business owners and managers.  You can go from the

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