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Is “Sale” a 4 letter word?

Thirty One years ago when we first started consulting healthcare professionals, the words “sales” and “selling” were almost swear words.  Seriously!  Some doctors would get angry at us for even mentioning those words in relation to their patients and their health care.  We had to say “treatment plan acceptance” and so on to go around

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Time For Change?

As a practice owner, you have a whole new year ahead of you and instituting positive, correct changes right NOW will make it a BETTER year.  It is like a blank slate.  You can write anything on it you want to.  Or you can do the same old, same old and have the same result

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Going from Average to Great

Going from Average to Great!

Everyone has had dreams of really excelling at something in their lives. For instance, as a healthcare professional you probably envisioned an awesome practice with terrific patients or clients who went ahead with the ideal care you were presenting, and you and your fabulous team delivered the service with a care level that exceeded your

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How to Improve Profitability

Hopefully, the first thought that you had, in terms of how to improve profitability, was not “increase my fees.”  While it is always possible, if you are billing below the provincial fee guide, that you SHOULD increase your fees, this is not necessarily the first thing you should do. In actual fact, one of the

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