how to be a great leader

Good Boss, Bad Boss

Just as with staff, there are probably 50 shades of grey between “super awesome boss” and “replace please.” I was going to call this article “Good Staff, Bad Staff” but in thinking my way through it, I realized that it is the executive (owner) of the practice who is going to set the bar on

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How to Destroy a Really Great Staff Member

You can hire the best of candidates to join your staff team – she has the right experience and good enthusiasm and lots of good ideas. She also, from her side of the picture, has high hopes that YOU are going to be a great leader and that you know how to train her so

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Empty Drivers Seat

Empty Driver’s Seat?

Managing a practice is like driving a car. If you aren’t in the driver’s seat, who is driving it? You are also supposed to be the one selecting the direction. Even a GPS won’t help you get where you want to go if you haven’t put in the destination. As the practice owner, you must

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Practice Management – A Leader Is Created

If you are not a “born leader,” take heart. Most real true leaders are created in the crucible of life, or else by mentoring, or by actual training. However we get there, we all need to be leaders in our own endeavors if we are to be successful. Whether you own a practice with no

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