Empty Driver’s Seat?

Empty Drivers Seat

Managing a practice is like driving a car. If you aren’t in the driver’s seat, who is driving it? You are also supposed to be the one selecting the direction. Even a GPS won’t help you get where you want to go if you haven’t put in the destination.

As the practice owner, you must be the driver and select the direction and destination. Once you have put yourself firmly in the driver’s seat and know where you want to go, how do you know if you are getting “there” or not? Like a car, a practice has gauges that can measure the performance and production output. They can predict future difficulties or successes. In a practice, the gauges are called “statistics.”

Paying attention to the various stats of a practice will tell you how efficiently you are moving towards your destination. You ignore them at your own peril. As with a car, having your mechanic tell you that your engine has seized because you ignored the oil gauge and thus ran out of oil is like having your accountant tell you AFTER your year has ended that you lost money. Too late! The driver was simply not paying attention and didn’t take the appropriate actions to fix the situation in a timely fashion.

The key here is that you can always do SOMETHING about it if you are in the driver’s seat and paying attention. The stats you keep do not have to be complex, but you do need to know how to read them AND what to do about them.

It is unfortunate that they did not teach you these things in college, but the good news is that we have a couple of short courses that will give you the skill to interpret your stats and increase the speed with which you reach your destination.

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