healthcare marketing

Who’s In Charge Of Marketing?

With each healthcare professional I meet one-on-one for the free practice analysis we offer, one of the many questions I always ask is:  “Who’s in charge of your marketing?” Over the last 28 years, I have gotten quite a variety of answers: What marketing? Nobody! We don’t do marketing in our practice – all our

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Practice Growth

What if Your Practice Got Busier?

What WOULD happen if your practice got busier?  This is a very important question as your answers may be what are holding your practice back from reaching its full potential.  Many healthcare professionals are afraid of growth for a variety of different reasons. These resistances can be removed and replaced with enthusiasm and growth.  Below,

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Marketing: Are You Unique?

Is your practice like one of the Stepford Wives?  In that movie, there was the idea of the perfect wife and that every wife in town had to fit into that exact mold.  Sameness.  The problem is that it didn’t work.  Why not?  Because we are all unique and different in many varied ways. This

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