In control

3 Steps to Increase Efficiency

Have you ever felt like things in your practice (or your life) have gone a little out of control? Have you ever been frustrated trying to run your practice efficiently, yet you find yourself running into procrastination, slow starts, assignments or orders not followed through on, tasks dragging on forever, etc.? Many people feel that

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What Works When Managing Your Practice?

Which of these five statements do you believe are true? My business rises and falls based on the economy. My success is largely determined by luck. The weather influences my numbers hugely. I believe in fate and whatever happens, happens. My income controls me more than I control it. Of course, all of these statements

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Control: The Difference Between Success and Failure

Like money or nuclear power, control can be used for good or evil. You can use it to harm, suppress or destroy lives. Or you can use it to help people, increase your own income and improve the world around you. 10 Signs You Are Not in Control of Your Work Easily fatigued or exhausted

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