Stuck In A Hamster Wheel?

Hamster Wheel

Not going anywhere?

Day after day and year after year, you may find yourself doing the same old things, wishing it were different, but never knowing how to get off the wheel and change.

Perhaps you should take a minute to figure out WHY you stay in the wheel:

  • Is it all you know how to do?
  • You are not managing your time well?
  • You don’t know how you could change?
  • Would doing something different be BETTER?
  • What would your staff think?
  • Would your patients be upset?
  • You never ever did have any goals worked out?

Maybe it is a combination of some or all of the above. Whatever may be the case, if you are FEELING like you are not going anywhere, then you must have the idea that there is SOMEWHERE TO GO. It probably means you are still alive and still have the urge to do things better. These are good qualities and you should take heed. As a first step, try stepping off the hamster wheel for ONE day. It can be a day on the weekend or a day during the week (even if you have to do something completely radical and “off the wheel” like rescheduling all your patients out of one day).

Ideally, you need a friend, spouse, adult offspring or a consultant to be with you for the day. The agenda will be to figure out SOMEWHERE TO GO with your practice. Name out all the ideas that you have ever had for your practice. What were your original dreams for your practice? What have you seen or heard that others are doing that seemed really cool? Have patients ever given you ideas as to how you could deliver more and better service? What haven’t you tried that you were interested in doing once upon a time? What would be your IDEAL practice? How big or small would you REALLY like it to be? What kind of patients or clients would you LOVE to be treating more of? And so on …

Once you have spewed all of these ideas out into your tablet, computer or pad of paper, highlight the REALLY IMPORTANT ideas or thoughts. Take the most do-able thing on this wish list and then strategize HOW YOU CAN DO IT. Make it a very detailed plan. Back at the practice, set it in motion.



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