It’s Show Time!

Arriving at work each day in the best of moods and everything in life just “peachy” would be an ideal scene, and one that we all would wish for. However, life sometimes just doesn’t cooperate and we wish that we could stay home and hide under a blanket.

Since staying home isn’t an option for most of us and since your patients or clients expect you to be present and perfect, what are the other options?

While we are sometimes tempted to drag all our baggage into the practice with us and lay it on the other staff and the patients, this probably would make you less than well thought of, so let’s delete that one right now.

The better option might be to “put a good face on” and “play the part.”  Acting is something that anyone can do, and by doing so, you very soon may begin to really “feel the part.”  Your mood will shift into a higher band and the day will zing along.

Remember, you are all in the practice to deliver ideal care and service to your patients and clients, and during production time that is ALL that should be on your mind.



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