Putting on Your Game Face

Woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning and feeling grumpy?  Had a knock-down, drag ‘em out argument with your better half just before work?  A team member arrived at the practice ready to take out some grievances on you?  A patient or client got angry about a payment they don’t agree with?

Some days your patience is really put to the test.  How do you deal with this in an effective manner?

Focus on purpose

The first thing is always to remember that the reason your practice exists is to give ideal care to every patient who walks in the door.  They are paying for perfect service.  If you don’t believe this, ask a few if they feel they are paying for (1) no service, (2) so-so service, or (3) perfect service?  You KNOW what the answer will be.  So you and the team need to live up to that and try and exceed their expectations.


Next, keep in mind that a job is like a performance.  If a comedic actor has a migraine headache, do you think the audience will be able to tell?  Not if he wants to keep his job and give the audience what they paid for.  Therefore, no matter how YOU feel, you must always keep your game face on and put away any negative feelings.

Make a “carrot”

When you enter the practice in the morning, consciously leave all negativity outside the door and force yourself to project positivity, and focus on some actions you are going to accomplish today no matter what.  Make yourself some “carrot” or reward that you get if you pull off a good day.

Keep your balance

If someone is hitting you with a lot of anger, don’t get thrown off balance … keep your game face on and be calm.  Getting angry back is not a very good option and nothing good ever comes of it.  Just say to yourself:  “Game face on.”  And patiently deal with the matter.  Keep in mind, it is a performance.

Have great days and reward yourself for Academy Performances!

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