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You probably spent 6 or 7 years working on getting your dental degree, right?  And what did you hope for when you graduated?  For many of you it was to help people have good looking, pain free oral health, or to create beautiful smiles, or something along those lines.  But did you ever have “dental practice management skills” as a concern when you were going to dental school?  Probably not.

Dental Management Skills

From analyzing more than 3,000 dental practices, we have heard dentists repeatedly tell us that they never anticipated the amount of knowledge needed to run a high end, profitable dental office.  They said they were busy concentrating on the technical side of the profession.

However, when they graduated and, after associating for a brief time, the moment came when they wanted to buy or start a practice.  And this is when it dawned on them that they didn’t know everything they needed to know to hire and run good staff, to sell patients on the best options so they keep their teeth as intact as possible for the rest of their lives, to make the correct financial decisions, to fill up their practice fast enough to outrun the overhead costs so there is sufficient income at the end of the day to take home, and so on.

Enter the need for a Dental Consultant

The number of ways to run a dental practice inefficiently number in the thousands.  We have seen most of the ways over the last 30 years while working with more than 700 dental offices one-on-one, turning them into wonderful examples of ideal care and service to the patients while being stress-free for the dentist and the dental staff, and very profitable for the practice owner at the end of the day.


The key concern these days is how to run efficiently while delivering awesome care to your patients; and efficiently enough so that the costs of running the practice do not suck up the dearly hoped for profits.  The staff are not trained on these matters either, by the way.  They do their best, like you, but efficiency is not always the key watchword for them either.

Expert consultants know where the cracks are in dental practices and how to put together an ideal scene.  Check out our website and see what over 135 of our clients have to say about us.

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