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Probably you, like most practitioners, would love to have even more new business walking in the front door of your practice, right?  And sometimes you may wonder what methods you can use to do this effectively and financially viably (i.e. doesn’t cost an arm and a leg).

You may even be confused by all the claims of the different internet options available such as Pay Per Click, Google ad words, Instagram, Facebook ads, Twitter, website, blogs, and so on.  There really is a ton of ways to find new business and many of these work well.

But I just read an article by a huge research company that gave one of the cheapest ways to market which I thought was dead – but isn’t!

Email Newsletters!

Wait … what???  Who knew!  Monthly newsletters sent by email to your patients or clients of record.  I thought they were getting to be too old school and was going to stop doing them myself.  However, apparently they are still alive and doing fine.

The great thing about newsletters by email is that your patients, besides keeping them cognizant of your practice and loyal to it, may even share the newsletter by forwarding it to friends and family members if there is something in it that is relevant.


Newsletters are not complicated to do.  They do need to have valuable content (but no long dissertations), interesting facts, contests, and so on.  The format (loads of free templates online) needs to be eye catching and current looking.  You might even spend a few dollars and get a promo designer to create a template specifically for your practice with your logo and colours – something jazzy and colourful.

Staff Contributors

Staff can contribute material that they find online or write themselves.  Sometimes you luck out and have a staff member who would LOVE to create the monthly newsletter and is good at it.  Visuals, such as photos of staff or the practice or pertinent diagrams for articles, make it more alive and interesting.  You are the editor and curate the content.  It is way easier than you think.

Patient or Client Contributors

You may even find that patients or clients would like to contribute some information to the newsletter themselves.  Invite such a thing in the newsletter.  If their article or contribution is published by you, they can be encouraged to send a copy to everyone they know as they are now a published author.  More exposure for you!

Spreading the Word About Your Practice

Each issue of the newsletter could have a little blurb included saying:  “We love it when our patients refer someone to us and in fact, 10 people were referred to us in the last month!  Keep up the good work!”  There are a variety of ways to say it.

The best part is that it only costs a little of your time and it keeps your patients connected and loyal to your practice.  It’s one more way to encourage your patient base to spread the word about your practice.

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