Overcoming Barriers

In a day or a week or a month, you may have run into certain barriers that seemed insurmountable at first.

It may have simply been a very stubborn patient or client who really needs the service you’re offering him and he is rejecting it.  It may be that one of your staff presented you with notice that she is leaving on Monday and there is no replacement in sight.  Or perhaps you had a piece of vital equipment break/burst/fall apart and you have all these patients lined up to receive treatment.  Maybe the bank or tax department have confronted you with some bad news and no solution seems to be available immediately either.

We all get these seemingly impossible barriers thrown up at us from time to time.  And you can crack under the pressure or you can handle it with aplomb.  And how, you might ask, would you DO that?

  1. First Action: Freak Out

Your first reaction may be to freak out but only allow yourself 5 minutes of wallowing in this.  It serves no purpose to go on longer than that.

  1. Second Action: Get Rational

In order to start the process of solving the problem or eliminating the barrier, you need to carefully observe the whole situation and collect all the pertinent information.  Really inspect the situation from all angles.  Ask questions … dig in till you feel you have a truly good grasp on the what and the why and the wherefores.

  1. Third Action: Work Out Solution

In doing number 2 above, you will probably have started to formulate a solution.  Usually by looking closely at the problem, you are going to be able to figure out what to do about it.  There may be several solutions … choose the one that would be most optimum for everyone concerned.

  1. Fourth Action: Conditional

If you can’t figure out a suitable solution, it might be time to choose a mentor … someone who is objective or removed from the situation.  Review all the details with this person and get their feedback.  Sometimes someone outside of the problem can see more clearly how it could be resolved.  (By the way, don’t misuse this mentor by only presenting problems … make sure that they hear the successes you experience as well.  Keep a balance.)

Never let barriers prevent you from reaching your goals!

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