Not All Rowing in the Same Direction?

Do you sometimes feel that you’re not all pulling in the same direction? Ultimately, the whole team is supposed to be there to give every patient or client who walks in the door the 5 Star Care they are paying for. Somehow that generalized purpose “sounds” great, but in the day-to-day world of the practice, not everyone keeps their eyes on that horizon or even knows exactly what that means.

You may feel that you have the correct individual team members and that they are each star in their own right, but yet they are not all pulling together in the same direction.

On the other side of the equation, not all bosses have charted the path to his or her horizon. If you’re trying to steer the ship in a certain direction, it’s nice for the staff to know what that is.

Mission Statement

As the owner of a healthcare practice, one of your first duties is to work out the Mission Statement for your practice. It should be fairly comprehensive and upbeat with believable goals that can really be achieved. Then you can issue positive directions on a weekly basis that align with the Mission Statement. That way all concerned are focused on reaching the same goals.

A Mission Statement is not just something you stick on the wall and admire, but rather it is something all in the practice should live and breathe. Get your staff’s input on it too if you like. It can be broad in scope or very specific.

Remember: You can’t get there if you if you don’t know where THERE is.

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