Marketing 102 – Beautify Your Practice

Here’s a random question:  When was the last time you changed up the artwork in your practice or clinic?  This could mean paintings, posters, wallpaper, or even the wall colour.

The reason I ask this is because when I have gone into dental offices as a patient, it has often seemed unchanging.  Same old, same old … as the saying goes.

Here’s another related question:

When was the last time that you even noticed that it was the same old, same old?  Because you see it every day and it is unchanging over a long period of time, you tend to not look at your walls any more.

But do you remember how vivid everything was when you first painted the walls or papered them, and when you put up the first wall art?  Do you remember how you came in each day and noticed how nice it looks?  (If you can’t remember that, then it was far too long ago for sure!)

Wake the Practice Up!

Patients or clients who come in every 3, 6, 9 or 12 months or more frequently also notice things at first and have a fresh image of your practice and then it fades into anonymity after a few viewings.

Freshening things up every so often (half a year at the least) keeps it interesting for you and your team, but also makes patients or clients look around for what it new.

Use some impactful colours … either with paint or drystrippable wallpaper (that you can take down and replace with a different pattern every once in a while).  These small changes in the various parts of your practice are easy to do bit by bit … like an ongoing evolution or revelation.  They don’t have to all be done at once.

Artwork is so inexpensive these days at various art stores like Michaels, Home Sense, Winners, Ikea, and so on.  And they usually come already framed.  Don’t get boring, bland artwork either.  You want to make an impact.

Move It Around

Just for fun (if you have a consistent colour theme throughout your office) you can even just move things from room to room. Use the 3M hooks for artwork that you can get at Staples or Walmart, etc.  That way there are no holes in your walls to have to fill.  When you get tired of a piece in your office, you can always donate it to a hospital or other charitable organizations.

Trade Posters

Another kind of art are the posters many supply companies give out that are big, bright and colorful, and they promote various goods.  For instance, a dentist I was a patient of a few years ago had a brand name toothpaste poster on the wall and the model in the picture had a beautiful smile with really even teeth.  I commented on that to the assistant and said how I wished my teeth looked as even.  She then told this to the dentist and we immediately did a little cosmetic alteration of my teeth so they looked more even.  I smiled and smiled for weeks after that.  And the inspiration came from the poster.  Change these up often as well so they don’t get ignored.

Local Art Galleries

Another source of frequently changed artwork is the local art galleries.  Some of them are quite happy to “loan” you art with a little price tag discretely place next to the painting as it exposes their artists and artworks to a wider audience.  This can lead to additional sales for them.  This is a splendid way to temporarily acquire some remarkable art pieces and showcase them in your practice.  FOR FREE!!

Let your creative juices run wild (but tastefully).  Make an impact on your patients or clients.  And enjoy your own practice more!

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