Celebrate the Good Times!


Life is NOT short … it only seems so if there are not enough good moments celebrated and enjoyed.

For instance, in any practice, there are times when bad things can happen … patients or clients complain (unnecessarily sometimes), big bills suddenly materialize without warning, staff unexpectedly disappear, a flu epidemic hits the town, … (enough already!!).  Unless you have a dozen horseshoes hanging around you, these are inevitable.

The good outweighs the bad

However, if you are looking for the good things that happen every day, or week, or month, you will probably find that there are more of those than the bad.  The trouble with the positives is that you get used to the plentiful good things that happen all around you every day and can take them for granted.  Also, they cause you no upset.  But the bad things … they stick with you because they messed around with your mind.

To overbalance the negatives with the positives, you need to first of all start causatively looking for them.  This can be as simple as a staff member handling an irate person to a good result.  Perhaps the team produced the highest quantity of service yet (this week or month).  Maybe one of your patients or clients achieved an outstanding result from being treated by you.  The team may have pulled together and gotten a big project completed.  Seek and you will find the good!

Celebrate the good, ignore the bad

The moral of this story is that if you are always looking for the good moments, you will find them and fill up your life with enough happiness to far outweigh the bad times.  In a practice, you can do this in many ways:

  1. Give that staff member who handled the irate patient or client so well a big “Thank You! You were amazing!”
  2. Have a “Staff Member of the Week” award that is given out at the staff meeting.  (My staff work hard every week to be the one who wins it.)eek.)
  3. Celebrate a team win with a catered lunch or even some big pizzas or whatever they prefer.
  4. For the “over the top level of service” delivered this week by the whole practice, work out a prize for everyone … spa day, manicure, …

If you focus on the good things in life, you are going to get more of them.  If you focus on the bad, well … you guessed it … you will get more of them!  You choose – your life is in your own hands on this one.

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