“I’m Not Interested, Thank You”

How many times in a week do you have to say, “I’m not interested” to some random telemarketing person on the phone — usually before they even have a chance to tell you what you might actually be interested in?

For instance, we did just that with a digital phone company (said “I’m not interested”), but then ran into the salesperson at a private event and got talking.  We got a quote, and now we will save $500 per month with a much better phone system and much faster internet service.


For our own company, we are super frustrated with trying find ways to let healthcare professionals know about us and what we do.  Frequently, those who we do call and get through to and who become clients will say, “Why didn’t you reach me sooner?”  This is despite mailings, faxed articles, emailed articles and phone calls to them.

Just last week, I met with a practitioner to do our free, in-depth Practice Analysis.  She was referred to us by another client, but asked why we’ve never contacted her.  I showed her that we have left 24 messages for her over the last 13 years.

Get this: 

With our practice management help, her income will actually go up at least $20,000 per month, staff issues will be smoothed out into an ideal scene, she’ll be able to cut back her hours a bit, and she’ll be able to get her debts all handled. Oh, and her patients will receive even more ideal care, which is probably the most important reason of all.  AND, our services are guaranteed in writing!

So turn the tables on us:

Having read this article, instead of thinking to yourself “I’m not interested”, turn it around and think to yourself, “THIS IS INTERESTING!  After all, they do have more than 30 years’ experience and 1,800 happy, successful clients .”

Do yourself a favour and book a free, in-depth Practice Analysis with us (see below) to see if and how we could make a difference in YOUR practice.

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