If Wishes Were Fishes


We’ve all heard the saying “If wishes were fishes, we’d be swimming in riches” as an expression that implies that you have wishes that are impossible.  When it comes to your practice, you probably have many wishes and changes that you would like to make to improve the practice to make it more perfect or ideal.  Everybody has their wish list.

For instance, you can probably think of your top 5 wishes without any hesitation at all, right? You may have just thought, “Only 5, hah!  I have hundreds!”

The really big question is:  Why is that?  Why are you not accomplishing those wishes?  What gets in your road?  And what can you do to change all that up and start making the improvements?

The Road to Success

  1. Write down all the “wishes” you have for your practice.
  2. Rate them by importance to you on a scale of one to ten (or twenty or whatever).
  3. Sometimes you might have to work out the correct sequence so this works … like, you can’t retire if you haven’t announced it to anyone (just kidding), or, you can’t get out of your current premises (a wish) until you have located the ideal premises and secured them (a wish). So work out the sequence needed for accomplishment.
  4. Work out what to do about the first thing on the list. This may require some additional expertise like a lawyer or an accountant or a management consultant for advice on the best way to do it.  There are experts available for most of your decisions.
  5. Get it done. You might even want to use your scheduler in your phone or in your computer so that you give yourself specific time targets to get things done by.
  6. Don’t forget the rewards system. It is important to acknowledge milestones as you complete them and reward yourself and anyone else who helped you.  This helps to boost your morale and keep you going onward.
  7. Just keep going down the list of wishes and making them come true. You may find yourself deleting some that don’t seem so desirable any more and you may also think of some you forgot and you can add them as appropriate.
  8. Enjoy those fishes as your wishes become reality!

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