From Good to Great

Interested in increasing the flow of new patients or clients into your practice? If yes, you are not alone as about 95% of healthcare practices still have room to grow. Even if you are fully booked, there is always a need for new clientele because of natural attrition due to people moving on and passing on.

Since internal marketing is the least expensive way to find new business, the question is: How to inspire your patients or clients to actively refer to your practice? Referrals is obviously one of the best ways to acquire them, as the person being referred knows a bit about you and has heard enthusiastic things about you and your team. How to make this happen?

The answer is to take your practice from good to GREAT in terms of service delivered by you and your team. To start the process, do this exercise: Think of your favourite [high end, expensive] restaurant. What was the external appearance like? When you walked in, were you immediately greeted in a friendly and welcoming way that made you feel important? Did the Maitre’D treat you graciously? Was your table immediately available and ready set? Did the waiter “make friends” (engage) with you and establish your expectancy for the evening? And so on. You get where I am going … best possible performance from each and every staff member. And you have, as a result, probably referred other people to that restaurant for a delightful evening.

As you can see, this relates directly to your own practice. An extremely positive experience with no shocks, lots of education and understanding, and superlative care will impress anyone. No moods, no internal arguments, no ruffled feathers, no attitude. Just be GREAT! It is not only for the patient or client’s sake … you will all feel better just by doing this. You are on stage. Act GREAT!

Patients or clients in turn will be delighted to refer their friends and family to you. And then you will give them too the royal treatment and so you will grow.

And grow!

(You might want to read a book called “Good to GREAT” by Jim Collins.)

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