Focus on the Patient

A lot goes on in a day in most practices and everyone can get pretty busy and focused on their jobs.  The pressures can be pretty intense at times if you get a few emergency patients throwing your schedule off, and so you all may start to run a bit faster to try and get back on track.

At times like this, the patient or client may

sometimes get to feeling a bit neglected.  Especially if you have decided to cut the chit chat that you normally do under more relaxed circumstances.

Ideal Care

Despite all of the above problems, it must be pointed out freshly that the reason the practice is there at all is to give every patient or client IDEAL CARE.  This does not only mean the actual treatment itself … it also includes really noticing, acknowledging and giving your full attention to the person.  They are the center of the circle of everything you are doing.

Undivided Attention

Have you ever spoken to someone who stopped everything and totally put their attention on every word you are saying and made you feel like an important somebody? A few minutes of your undivided, no multi-tasking minutes can go a long way to assuring the person they are in the right place with the right people.

We’re not talking about 10 or more minutes … 2 – 5 minutes can often be quite enough to get in that special communication with the person.  The trick is not to go too long either because that will then cause you more hecticness.

Focused Communication

Focused communication can improve trust and the intimate connection between doctor and patient or client.  More can get done when there is a solid communication bridge between you.

Listening well is also a very vital part of communication.  When you have fully understood what the other person has said, acknowledge them well so they know for sure that you have heard and understood them.

Your patients or clients will tell other potential patients that you are amazing how well you really understand their needs and care about them.  Referrals will abound.

Remember:  Practice makes perfect.

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