Are You Passionate about What You Do?


If you find that life has become a bit humdrum sometimes or that your energy seems to be waning, maybe you have stopped creating a passionate interest in what you are doing.  Alternatively, perhaps you have been trying and trying to achieve something and are not arriving at your destination and are losing steam.  Reporting in to the job every morning can start to lose its sparkle if there is no game or goals that can be worked towards and accomplished.

There are many cures for the above circumstances and here are a few:

Cures for the loss of passion:

  1. Who creates the passion.

A lot of people make the mistake of waiting for passion to “strike” or “occur” to them.  What is missing here is that you yourself create the passion in yourself.  Sometimes you see or learn something that inspires you but it is still your own doing that you choose to be inspired.  However, most people have to look over their lives or their practice and get a real handle on what they would like to have in their ideal world.

  1. Carry Through.

For instance, to say to yourself you would like to take a course in something that is of interest to you is one thing, but to actually stop talking about it and getting yourself registered for it is another.  This is called “carry through.”  A lot of folks have really amazing ideas and wishes but that is what they remain … simply ideas and wishes.  You must cause them to actually materialize by taking steps, big or small that will get you to your destination.

  1. Goals and Games.

There are two ways to motivate yourself:

(1)  Set up goals for your various activities (e.g. buy a cottage, take a trip, move the practice into your own building, hire an associate, start a family, take a course, go home on time every day, etc.)  Work them out in detail and prioritize them as to which excites or inspires you the most.  Gather all data needed to accomplish the first one.  Get it done.  Take the next … and so on.

(2)  Sometimes you are doing a long project and need to have some excitement along the way.  This is where games and prizes and rewards come into the picture.  Set deadlines for certain midway steps and if you accomplish them by the deadline, give yourself a reward or prize for that.  This will serve to keep you interested and moving forward.

Never be bored again … just do the above and put some excitement back into your life!

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