Do you have a manifesto for your practice?

I have a personal rule:  NEVER. STOP. LEARNING.  In this article, I am passing on a lesson that I just learned from a friend who is a major marketing expert.

Many practices have mission statements and many of them are quite good.  But a high percentage are just using catch phrases, or plagiarizing someone else’s statement but it’s not really “theirs” or their way of saying things.

So what then is a “manifesto”?  Per the dictionary:  It is a published, verbal declaration of the intentions, motives, or views of the issuer.  For example, my marketing friend has a manifesto:  I want to bring about a renaissance (rebirth, upsurge) wherever I go.  And, in fact, he travels a lot and helps everyone he meets – even people like me.  He says, “My customers are renaissance entrepreneurs.  They want to bring about a renaissance in their lives and their businesses.”

I believe that most healthcare practice owners are constantly looking for ways to keep their practice healthy and growing and delivering the highest quality service to their clientele.  In fact, helping them do this is why my company exists, solely and only!

For Example:

Here are some sample manifestos for the healthcare professions to spark some ideas as to what yours might be.  Notice that they are like a movement that you would want to bring to the world and your patients/clients would be happy to participate in.

For Dentists:

To keep our neighbourhood smiling as Mother Nature intended.

For Chiropractors:

To keep our friends and neighbours in optimal health and motion.

For Optometrists:

To provide optimum vision so everyone can enjoy the beauty around them.

For Denturists:

To create smiles where Mother Nature needs a helping hand.

For Veterinarians:

To help our furry friends keep healthy and happy for life.

For Physiotherapists:

To bring full motion and action back to everyone’s lives.

For Chiropodists and Podiatrists:

To assist Mother Nature to enable everyone to enjoy every step they take.

For Naturopaths:

To assist Mother Nature with natural remedies for healthy lives.

Your own manifesto

Have a meeting with your staff and work out a manifesto for your practice.  Choose something that all staff and patients/clients could get behind and promote.

Then make it known to everyone.  Put it on your website, your Facebook, in your monthly email newsletter, written on your reception wall.  Let the world know!

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