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While there are a variety of reasons why patients may complain about service, here is one you may not have thought of. Even though the story below is profession specific, the idea applies to any type of healthcare practice.

Here is an interesting story we found that applies to any healthcare office:

The biggest problem with dentures is that they often do not feel comfortable as it is something unnatural added into the mouth. Some people love their new dentures immediately, while others are never happy with the fit and always seem to suffer.

Dissatisfied patients return to the denturist or dentist for frequent adjustments. They try different adhesives or simply start over. No matter what they do, their dentures never feel comfortable.

So a denture manufacturer conducted a study to find out why dentures easily fit the mouths of some patients, but were a constant problem with others.

As part of the study, they considered the types of material used in the dentures and the methods for shaping the dentures. They checked the training and techniques of the denturists and dentists. Yet they could not find a common reason why certain patients hated their dentures.

But then they checked one other factor. Most of the patients who complained had not paid for them! If the patient or their insurance company had paid for the dentures, they seemed to fit better. If the dentures were not paid for, they did not fit as well.

Why would that matter? It has to do with honesty. Down deep, everyone wants to be honest. When they get something for nothing, they tend to waste it or complain about it because they did nothing to deserve it.

When you perform some valuable work for someone, you must let them give you something back in exchange. If you do not let them give you something in return, they become unhappy. They may even resent your help.

Make sure your patients pay you fair value for your services. Make sure you give them excellent care for their fee.

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