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Client loyalty is a big issue these days with all the marketing that is thrown at them, such as Direct Mailing fliers from other practices. When your patients or clients are away from your practice, you are “out of sight, out of mind.”

Therefore, building loyalty through more frequent contact or reminders of your practice can be beneficial. A cost effective and efficient way to keep your practice and services on their minds is through a monthly emailed newsletter.

For the more computer savvy who have a website and know how to make changes on it, also put your newsletter up there once a month and have your staff let all patients/clients know to look there for it. Most people have a computer or access to one nowadays.

For the email newsletter, this is easy to do:

  1. Build up an email address book in your computer by having your front desk staff start collecting email addresses from all your patients or clients. When your staff call patients for scheduling or confirming, coach them to ask for the person’s email address as well and have them put it in the computer.
  2. Write a simple newsletter which could include the latest news that a patient or client should know, helpful tips , a cut e joke, interesting tidbits, any successes, notifications of changes of hours or office closure dates coming up, staff changes, etc. What would YOU like to read if YOU were receiving it? Photos speak a thousand words so be sure to include one or two of those. Keep them low resolution so your email isn’t “heavy.”
  3. Send out a fresh newsletter each month. If you have a website, upload the newsletter there too.

Stay in people’s minds and keep them loyal to your practice.

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