7 Reasons Why Exercising Helps You Make More Money


Have you ever dragged yourself out of bed and forced yourself to get ready and go to work?  Of course you have … you wouldn’t be human if you haven’t ever done that.  Some people can feel quite lethargic for up to an hour or more into their day before starting to track.  Not a good time to make the best decisions, things can seem a little overwhelming and more stressful and so on.

Let’s have a look at each of the 7 reasons why exercising can help you to make more money:

  1. You have a sharper mind.

    If you do a workout before you come to work, you will find that your mind is sharper right off the bat.  You will come up with better ideas that will lead to increased productivity and profitability.

  2. A better problem solver.

    Having a sharper mind will enable you to be a better problem solver.  Instead of stacking up unsolved or seemingly unsolvable conundrums as the day goes along, you will feel more on top of it all and take on the challenge of coming up with solutions.

  3. Energy generates best decisions.

    If you are lethargic and tired from not doing your morning exercise you will not necessarily make the best decisions and give the best directions and guidance to your staff. You may make good decisions but not the best.  You will want to be on your best game and be a freaking Rock Star to the team to lead them to a win.  Your patients will see your energy and passion and follow you lead more often when presenting treatment.

  4. Better memory = stronger relationships.

    When you have a better memory you will find that it strengthens relationships. You know how much you love it when a friend remembers the details of a conversation you had awhile ago about some goal you were working on achieving and here he is in present time asking you how all that came out and how you did. People appreciate it when you remember their names and conversations and details about their life. This is especially helpful when talking to a patient who shared with you some personal information the last time they saw you, and here you are remembering that conversation all this time later.

  5. Relieves stress.

    As the owner of a practice that is responsible for the health and well-being of patients and your staff too, there can be a considerable amount of stress to make the right decisions and be a great leader.  (Just thank goodness you’re not the President of the U.S.!)  Exercising and feeling fit definitely help to release stress.

  6. You may sleep better.

    Exercising and relieving stress help you sleep more deeply and you may find it easier to shut down a day that went well and relax.  Dropping off to sleep can be easier and quicker.

  7. Improves your appearance.

    Pretty much everyone would love to be more attractive, and exercising definitely helps you put better colour into your complexion and makes you stand taller and come across stronger. And because you feel fit and healthy and happy, you smile more!  What’s not to love about that!

So, in summation, figure out how to fit an exercise routine into your morning and see what happens.  You might even make more money!


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