Your Practice Can Be Like a Blank Page

Whether you have been in practice for years, or whether it is still a figment of your imagination, a practice can be like a blank page.  You as the owner get to write on it what you want. It is YOUR page.

If you already have a practice, think back to what you wanted when you first started the practice or bought an existing one.  What did you envision for it?  Did you write down the goals and ideas?  Do you still have that paper somewhere?  It might be an interesting process to compare what you thought of back then and what you have in present time to see what you have achieved and what is not coming up to par yet.

Re-Imagine Your Ideal Practice!

Even though your “blank page” has writing all over it (i.e. the way your practice is running right now), you can still mentally erase all that and re-imagine how you want it to be in terms of size, type of treatment, how you can be a better leader, how to have the “dream team” to work with you, how to morph your patient base into the kind of patients you enjoy treating, how to get tons of referrals happening, improving the physical plant location and/or equipment, what hours would really be your ideal scene, what kind of fun do you want to have, and so on.

Gift Yourself the Time!

Give yourself a private hour or two to sit down with your computer, or a blank page, and re-imagine all of those above aspects of your practice.  For Real.  It can be the genesis of a new you and a new practice life.

Now you have to work out step-by-step how to create that practice you have imagined.  Work out the sequence.  Be strong!  It can be done!  (We are here to help make it happen faster and more effectively if you are willing.)




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