Wrong Profession?

Many professionals over the years have woken up one day to the fact that they chose the wrong profession as their career.  Once realized, this thought does not often go away but rather, it can eat away slowly at your enjoyment of life and make you feel purposeless.

What can be done about this?


  1. Keep going despite it all. This choice sounds like no choice at all but just living in apathy.  Is this the way you want to spend the rest of your life?  This way often results in a poor personal life as well and honestly, life is to be lived and enjoyed, isn’t it?  You might want to look at the other options below and find one that leads somewhere more enjoyable for you.
  2. Shut the practice down and walk away. Pretty much every business owner has had this thought, whether briefly now and then, or chronically.  However, this could mean a bankruptcy and no money to make a fresh start at something else in life.  You are also ditching companies or people that you are obligated to financially which would be harmful to them and irresponsible.  Let’s see if there is another way.
  3. Hire associates to do the actual delivery while you become the owner/manager. A number of our clients have far preferred being an executive than being the practitioner, and no one says you can’t do that with your own business.  One client travelled most of the time once we had helped him acquire 4 associates and gotten them busy; and he simply used our remote management by statistics system and executive training to run the practice from wherever he was in the world.
  4. Find some aspect of the practice that you DO like and do more of that and get an associate to do the rest of it. One of our clients really like two specific technical aspects of his profession, so that became his speciality and we marketed that heavily so his was fully booked doing just those two things and we helped him get an associate who was the “GP” for everything else.
  5. Make a new game plan for the practice that gets you more interested.

a) You may have staff that are dragging you down and making it all seem like a drudgery.  Two options here: Get some fun and games going in the practice that enlivens everyone, and if that is not possible or doesn’t work, change staff for some upbeat ones that make it a fun place to come to work everyday for you and the patients.
b) Perhaps a fresh start in a new location with new equipment is the answer. Get the staff and your clientele involved in the choosing of the décor and so on.

6. Fix it up your current location and make it as ideal as possible, and then sell it for a good profit and start a new business of doing something you like. We have helped several practitioners do just that.  Have a year of fun and know that there is an end in sight.  Go out the “top” rather than out the bottom.  Having money to move on to something else is a very positive experience.

Bottom Line:

Life is to be lived and enjoyed.  It is not a sentence.  There is always something you can do about.  Above are a few of the options.  There may be more!

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