What Stresses Veterinarians?


A survey was done a few years ago to find out what gives Veterinarians the most stress.  These were some of the answers (do you experience any of them too?):

“Euthanizing animals has become very stressful.  Some CE on how to deal with grief would be beneficial.”

“Finances are usually part of most stress – it drives client responses to situation; it complicates practicing the way we want to; it is a problem for new graduates; it affects our options in staffing, products, equipment, continuing education, working environment, etc.”

“Frustrating clients that can’t treat due to lack of money or just not caring about their pet.”

“I find it stressful when a client cannot afford something that I feel would benefit their animals.  I feel “guilty” if I know there is something I can do to help them but they cannot afford it and I cannot afford to do it pro bono.  I know that I undervalue some of the things we do so I stay away from the billing side of things.”

“Dealing with financial/business management issues that I have no training in.  Dealing with rising costs, rent and an aging clinic with a half-million dollar business loan and tens of thousands of dollars in student loans as well.”

“Low revenue days (especially when you feel like you have been working your ass off all day.)”

“Clients with unrealistic expectations are difficult to deal with.  Clients who ‘researched it on-line’ and ‘know’ what their pet has.”

“People have an unrealistic perception about the economics of veterinary medicine and try to hold their veterinarians responsible when we fail to live up to their (often misguided) expectations.”

“Clients that want us to help the pet for free, and blame us for costs of health care.”

“When I was an associate, I only had the stress of patient outcomes.  As an owner, I have HR and financial stress as well.  The HR and financial stresses comes in waves but when they are bad, they are really bad.”


Over the last 29 years, we have consulted and trained one-on-one over 200 Canadian Veterinarians and have helped them deal with the exact issues listed above.  As a result, our clients have reduced their stress levels dramatically and practicing has become much more fun and rewarding (in the heart and in the pocket book).


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