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Pretty much the whole world of business (including healthcare professionals) know that they need a website as part of their marketing strategy.

Many people have put together a website because they have heard that they need to be “found” on the internet and so they stick a pretty, but passive, website up on the internet and hope that that will suffice. However, to be “found” and attract a lot of new people to your practice requires you to be a lot more proactive in this arena.


For instance, the website has to have good content that consists of words that patients or clients are likely to enter into Google (or whatever search engine they use) in their efforts find help for some issue (like: “is there a dentist open today?” or “my dog’s nose is warm, what does that mean?”). Your website programmer needs to mark those words in a special way so that the search engines find your site in answer to those prospects question. This is part of search engine optimization.

Another example is consistently adding or changing the content of your website so that the search engines, in their ongoing review of new internet material, will find your new content and consider you more “relevant” and therefore bring your website up higher in the rankings.

Active Content

This is why you should do blogs, add articles, do podcasts (a short presentation or explanation of some aspect of your services that people can download and listen to), short (3 minute) videos on various topics, and links to other relevant sites (such as reference materials for your patients or clients to go read for more information on a topic).

Continually adding such things to your website not only serve to inform your existing clientele and keep them up to the minute on things they should know, but also gets you found more frequently by potential new patients or clients and attracts them to your practice.


Short videos are quite helpful for potential new public to learn about your practice and philosophy, etc. (Do not do dissertations with big words that people did not know by Grade 10. Keep them simple and truthful.)

Photographs of your practice reception area and treatment areas are worth a thousand words when someone is shopping for a new practitioner. Make sure they are attractive and with no clutter, etc. Pictures of your staff and yourself as the owner are really, really important and most people going to your website will look for these before choosing your practice. Get professional help on these pictures with good make up and grooming.

So, be found and be heard by your potential public by integrating some of the above onto your website on a consistent basis.

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