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Have you ever experienced times when you have been very lucky, and then other times not so much?  Wish you could be lucky more of the time?  Is there actually a way to become luckier?

From various studies that have been done, the answer to the last question is “yes”!  This doesn’t mean that it is possible to be 100% lucky ALL of the time, though that would be an interesting concept. That would imply being in COMPLETE CONTROL of every single facet of your life and your practice with no random elements.  And, we all know that, while you can IMPROVE your control over your life, it will never be 100% all of the time.

Next question then is:  How can we increase our “luck” factor more of the time?  Here are 9 ways to take advantage of life’s lucky breaks and succeed.

9 Ways to Get Luckier

  1. Positive thinking attracts luck. Believing in luck is probably the biggest first step.  Lucky people position themselves for luck by organizing their lives and work so they can embrace opportunities.
  2. “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity,” according to Roman philosopher Seneca. From this statement, the take-away is that if you are looking for an opportunity and take steps to find it and prepare for it, you are much more likely to be lucky. Example:  If you decide to find a better location for your practice and sit and do nothing but wish, your chances of having one plop into your lap are slim (but not impossible).  However, if you hire a great real estate agent to help you in your quest for a better location (which is called preparation), your chances of finding what you are looking for probably went up 90%.  Moral of the story, take the steps to find the opportunity.
  3. Don’t rely on luck to save you all the time. This follows from #2 above … don’t sit and wait for a lucky break.  Get on with what you need to do if life and business and treat it as a bonus if lightning strikes and you luck out.  Example:  Some people who are not doing well in life sometimes buy a lot of lottery tickets in the hope that they will be lucky and get rich instead of improving themselves and working for it.  However, most lottery winners are people who are making their lives go well and working hard at it.
  4. Sometimes you need to stick your neck out and take some risks. You have to be willing to win or lose, but you can’t have luck if you didn’t try.
  5. Lucky people surround themselves with upbeat, positive people and stay well away from down-and-outers who are pessimistic and who are sure life is always going to be dealing them bad breaks.
  6. Don’t get bummed when you lose. Lucky people see the half-full cup and realize that the future can hold positive outcomes and that they need to charge ahead with enthusiasm.  Example:  You buy a lottery ticket with your last 10 bucks and it doesn’t win.  You have two choices:  You can say, “I am never going to buy another ticket.”  Or you can say, “Better luck next time” (and mean it)!
  7. Lucky people are open to new experiences. They’re more willing to meet and talk to new people, travel to new places, and try new things.  Do something out of the ordinary this week.  This definitely increases your chances of being in the right place at the right time.
  8. Keep an open mind. Worrying endlessly about achieving a certain goal can unconsciously close the door of opportunity.  Having an open attitude and looking for more possibilities can open you up to lucky chances.
  9. Increase your Karma and get luckier. This has been proven many times over.  If you become a better person, treat people better, help others more, don’t do bad things to others, be honest and trustworthy, etc., your Karma will be such that you will naturally have more good things come your way.

Bottom Line

Make your OWN luck by accomplishing your goals in life.  Don’t wait for the opportunities.  MAKE THEM HAPPEN!


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