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Attracting new people to your practice for most practice owners is a top of mind subject.  If you are not as fully booked as you want, you should be thinking about marketing.  If you are too fully booked, you may be thinking about getting an associate and then marketing to fill up their schedule.

Never, for any length of time, does a practice ever not need marketing in one form or another to replace the patients or clients who have moved on or passed on.  A patient base is not a static thing.

Public Relations is one heck of a fun way to let people know who you are and why they should come and see you.  There are a million ways to do this such as:  your Facebook page where your clients have made positive comments, or Google+ on your website page where patients can post positive comments, those “rate the doctor” sites which you must not ignore but instead get your patients to post favourable comments on.

How about you and your team taking on a “social responsibility” activity such as raising money for a specific charity or cause.  Take photos and do a little write-up and send to the local paper, post on your Facebook and on your website, send in your monthly email newsletter to your patients of record.

Those are just a couple of examples but there are millions more.  Get your staff involved in this PR project.

Be proud of who you and your practice are and what you can do for your patients!

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