Vision for your Practice

Internal marketing has hundreds of aspects to it, but there are some that are more vital than others.  Having a “vision” for the practice is one of these.

While more money may be an underlying motivation for growing your practice, you won’t find many patients or clients that want to come into your practice to give you their hard earned money to make you rich.  And staff definitely don’t come to work every day to make the owner rich.  That is NOT their vision.

Creating a Vision that everyone can agree with requires that it be inspiring to you (first and foremost), to your staff, to your patients/clients and to potential patients or clients.

Here are some samples from outside the healthcare world but these will give you ideas of how you could word yours:

Disney:  Using our imagination to make people happy.

Whole Foods:  Changing the way the world eats.

Southwest Airlines:  To give people the freedom to fly. (have cheap airfares)

BMW:  Giving people the joy of driving.

Walmart:  Save money. Live better.

Apparently, those company’s that operate with a strong Purpose or Vision are 6 times more profitable than their competitors.  This would be true for healthcare practices as well.

The Vision can be used to make your staff prouder of where they work when they see it in action every day.  Let’s say yours is:  “To give the people of (your town/city) something to smile about.”  You could then make a goal to have 5% of your town’s population as your patients or clients.  Then do a marketing campaign around that which would include more and better service internally too.  Patients or clients can be gotten on board to play the game by telling their friends and family about you, “liking” things on your Facebook, blogging about you and your team, etc.

Have a staff meeting and play around with this and see what comes out of it for starters.  Be inspiring.




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