Veterinary Practice or Veterinary Business?

Well, they’re really the same thing. A practice is just another name for the business of a veterinarian (or other doctor or professional). But upon graduating, new vets don’t really see themselves going into “business” (which must be a taboo subject in veterinary school as it’s not taught at all). In fact, graduating veterinarians are totally unprepared for “business”, for opening a practice, assuming more debt, hiring staff, securing premises, purchasing equipment, instruments, furniture, computers, software, inventory.


But the bravest of the new vets proceed to start a practice, some of them get off the ground, put a lot of years into building it up, only to end up on our doorstep, burned out and ready to quit if we can’t dig them out.

You have to be smart to get through vet school and you have to be able to learn new things. So, we start out with consulting AND training our vet clients to be veterinary business managers. We don’t want them to be dependent on us permanently for running their veterinary business, but we give them the training they need and a leg up with our one-on-one ongoing consulting.

Phase Two

Once our veterinary clients, with our help, become good veterinary practice business managers, once they have grown their practices and are ready to step back and reap some of the rewards, they know what to look for in a good manager and can move into the next phase: hiring one.

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