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As veterinary consultants we know from experience that, with rare exceptions, the days of James Herriot and the bucolic veterinary practice are no more.

Gone are the days when your peers were almost all men! Back then you went to the clinic in the morning, had coffee with your receptionist/bookkeeper/assistant/ technician (all in one) before the first client arrived.  Then you proceeded to pull off minor and major miracles in surgery daily, as healthy pets rarely visited.

Why Veterinary Consultants?

Back in the day there was no such entity as a “veterinary consultant”.

What changed?  Drug companies and animal food companies have done a fine job of marketing their products and elevating our pets in status to the point where they are more often treated as children and best friends than as “mere animals”.

A vet practice is not just a clinic anymore.  It’s often a “one-stop-shop” where clients can bring their pets not only for exams, treatment and surgery, but where they get their pet food, treats, sometimes over-the-counter flea treatments, shampoo and yes, even grooming and pet fashions.

Veterinary Consulting

Veterinarians are trained to be animal doctors, not businessmen/women.  So to “make it” in the competitive veterinary world, many veterinarians have turned to hiring consultants to advise and steer them into growth and prosperity.

We’ve been consulting veterinarians for thirty years.  We help you hire associates and staff, find and fix inefficiencies or create efficiencies in your practice, make it more profitable.  Veterinary consultants can help you build the practice you want while also enjoying a more ideal work/life balance.

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