Too Many Distractions?

Have you ever ended a very busy day only to realize you accomplished nothing?  You were probably distracted.  Ever wonder why you feel frustrated at work?  Distractions might be stopping you.  Ever feel stress? Distractions may be the cause.

Distractions are not just irritating; they are destructive forces that ruin your productivity.  Examples: Chatty co-workers, personal problems, sunny days, rainy days, Facebook, holidays, earthquakes, debts, political news, salespeople, money concerns, health problems and more.

How do you handle distractions and improve productivity?  You get organized.  A well organized practice understands distractions and organizes to deal with them.

For example, a key worker calls in sick.  In a well organized group, the Manager calls in a temp, gives them a written list of instructions and everyone gets their work done.  A poorly organized group discusses the problem for 20 minutes without coming to a solution.  The group members are then distracted all day because they have to do the missing worker’s job.

Well organized groups handle emergencies, disasters and sudden increases in production without breathing hard.  Poorly organized groups are overwhelmed by them.

How to Get Better Organized:

  1. Write down five of your biggest distractions or potential distractions.
  2. Next to the first distraction, write down how you can get organized so you are not affected
  3. by this distraction.
  4. Do the same for the other items on the list.
  5. Follow your plans and get organized!
  6. Write down permanent rules or policies so you stay organized.
  7. Because you are now well organized, you will make faster progress toward your goals and ultimate success as you will not be easily distracted.


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