There is always a solution!


Some days it seems that life is one big, huge problem (or a million little ones) and you feel like the only solution is for you to take a holiday to get away from it all.  However, because that doesn’t actually solve the problem, it follows you on your vacation which you then try really hard not to think about when you wake up in the night or early in the morning, or while you’re laying on the beach, or whatever you are doing.

What kind of problems?

The problems could be decisions about equipment that is breaking but you don’t really have the money to replace so what to do about it, or staff issues of many different kinds, or how to get more new patients in the front door as you have too many openings and the income is not what you need it to be, or how to reduce No Shows and Cancellations, or how to deal with a particularly obnoxious patient or client, or how to deal with your bank/your accountant/CRA, or whether you should buy a building before your lease ends, or how to correct your associate so you are on the same page, or how to build patient or client loyalty, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

In short life can become a PAIN that doesn’t go away.  So what would be the solution to these problems confronting you?

Start here

The first thing to resolve in your own mind when confronted by a seemingly difficult problem is that there is ALWAYS a solution.  Something can ALWAYS been done about it.  Decide to view it as a CHALLENGE.

Confront it

Next, you should take a minute to write down EXACTLY what the problem is, why it is a problem, who is causing it, when did it start, how would it be if you solved it, who would object to it being solved, and so on.  Really CONFRONT all aspects of the problem.


Now, write down all possible solutions, both good and bad.  Be wild and crazy if you want – it will lighten your mood which will help with the RIGHT solution.  Now, analyze each possible solution for long term repercussions.  Will it have more good effects than bad?  Will it hurt anyone?  Who will it help?  Is it a bandaid solution or a permanent solution?


Great!  Now you should know by this process what would be the optimum solution and can go ahead and implement it.

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