The Winning Team! Perhaps you have one…

Having worked with many hundreds of Canadian healthcare professionals for 18 years, we’ve observed that most of them do a fairly decent job of hiring the right staff but they THINK they haven’t – simply because they’re not coaching them into the winning team.

To help your team achieve DREAM TEAM STATUS, here are 10 suggestions:

  1. Put YOUR practice goals in writing and communicate them to your staff.
  2. Set specific, written POLICY for your practice and have staff read and implement it.
  3. Now you need some written, executable PLANS to achieve those goals, and get the plans being done.
  4. A weekly staff meeting to review stats and set up game plans and targets.
  5. Daily morning conferences help coordinate the various aspects of the practice for the day as a team.
  6. Acknowledge your staff! Thank your team players for being there and doing their jobs effectively.
  7. When and how to correct a staff member is a touchy topic, but keep in mind that all good staff want to know what you want improved. Correct them in private, not in front of others.
  8. Staff incentive plans are an accepted method of acknowledging productivity and, if well designed, will enhance the viability of the practice.
  9. Lead by example. Be positive about how the practice is doing; present the staff with a positive plan of action or get their input on one.
  10. Give your orders clearly and in writing and keep a copy for yourself to follow up on at a specified time.

Of course, there are hundreds of other points to becoming the world’s best boss, but start with the above.

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