The Ups and Downs of a Practice


All practices have to pay attention to making enough money to keep everyone paid and hopefully enough profit to make it worthwhile having a business.  And being the owner of a practice, you need to pay attention to your statistics as they tell you how you did and how you are going to do in the future.

Statistics don’t only go up week after week, even though we wish them to.  As you grow and take on more business, new staff, office space, equipment, etc., you run into little snags and sometimes even big ones, and you fix them.  As long as your upswings and downswings are higher than those of previous weeks, you are maintaining relatively steady growth.

However, sometimes stats take big crashes and there can be quite a variety of reasons, such as:

  • You dropped out or changed a successful marketing campaign.
  • You have hired a new staff member who is doing their best but you haven’t trained her properly and things sag.
  • Your practice has grown fast and it is you and 16 staff with no properly trained “middle management” to take the load off you and you are burning out.
  • You lost a key staff member or associate and have no replacement yet.
  • A new competitor opened up next door and you haven’t properly shifted your promotional gears and are losing patients.

The bottom line is that once you figure out the real reason, it will open the door to a handling and the stats will then recover.  There is ALWAYS something you can do about it.  But you have to DO it, not sit and go into apathy.

You need to be constantly alert to your stats and respond quickly and well.

We offer two courses on how to fully manage by your statistics and you become a master at it.  Call us for more information about this.


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