The Power of Positivity!

First, a cute story:  A friend of mine told her 3 year old granddaughter, “Olivia, you have your shoes on the wrong feet.”  Olivia, looked down at her feet and in a worried voice replied, “But Nana, they’re the only feet I have.”

Did that make you smile?  Me too.  Read on and you’ll see why I mentioned that story.

Having patients come into the office all day and tell you bad news and unfortunate stories, etc. can really dim your day and the same for your team. It can make you feel like the world is a bad place and like you just want to go home and curl up in bed with a good book.

There are several ways you can turn the day back into sunshine.  The first is to ask patients or clients for good news (unless they are arriving at the practice in a traumatized condition).  Ask for jokes, funny stories, good news of any kind, nice things that have happened to them or someone they know.  It will make the client or patient feel better too, just in getting to tell you some good news.

In your monthly email newsletter, you can start off with a funny story (as at the top of this article) or a piece of good news.  If you can’t think of anything, go on-line and put in “good news” and you will be surprised by the number of sites and amount of positivity to be found there.  Use it.

Have fun with this.

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