The Ideal Employee

If one were to stand in the shoes of an employer and ask oneself, what are the qualities of an ideal staff member, one might find the following items are on the list:

1. Don’t be a clock watcher. If you come early each day and stay till your job is done, even if it means being a bit late, this lets your employer know that you care about your job and the practice, and you will make a positive impression.

2. Take pride in how you dress and groom yourself. Appearances are very important in a practice as patients will assess your competence by their initial reaction to your appearance. Sloppy clothes and hair and no make up reveals that you may not have an eye for detail and perhaps lack professionalism.

3. Keep upbeat and friendly. Be known as the person who always has a positive attitude. It’ll make for a better work environment for the other staff and yourself.

4. Go for being top notch at what you do. Strive for excellence in your work.

5. Do not bring personal problems into the office. Neither the other staff nor patients should know about any problems you are experiencing in your personal life. Anything that brings the other staff “down” is destructive of the practice.

6. Never text or email personal communications during business hours. Your employer is paying for you to give patients perfect service and to help him or her to grow the practice. There is never a shortage of work to do.

7. Ditch the clutter. Keeping your area of the practice neat and uncluttered will make it easier for you to produce, as well as looking good to the patients.

8. Don’t fall apart under pressure. Take a deep breath, calm yourself, and look objectively at what needs to be done, first step then next step and get started. Collapsing under pressure reveals weakness, not strength.

9. Facebook and social media require intelligent use. It has become a cause for dismissal if one bashes their employer or practice on social media and reveals a lack of professionalism. Keep those rants private.

The fact is that having and exhibiting as many of these qualities as possible will have a direct influence on the success of the practice. You will earn respect at the same time.


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