The Future of your Optometry Practice

The Winning Attitude

Do you ever stop to ponder the future of your optometry practice?  Surely when you graduated or even as you went through school, you had some ideas as to how you would like your practice to be one day?

Your Original Visions

You were probably certain you would be able to find fabulous, already trained, extremely productive staff.  They would be self-motivated, have great judgment and be completely loyal to you for the rest of your life in practice.

Hopefully you were thinking how easy it would be to fill up your practice with compliant patients who would want the ideal care and service you were now trained up to deliver to them.

And of course, you anticipated a lot of word of mouth as your loyal, happy patients went out from the practice and spread the word about you to everyone they knew.

Now for Reality

Those incredibly, loyal staff are few and far between and a lot depends on how much you pay them.  You didn’t get any practice management training in school regarding hiring, training and running the perfect team either probably.

If it was a long time ago that you graduated, you probably never dreamed that there would come a day when patients could be woo’d to buy their glasses online very, very cheaply.  Same for contact lenses.  Patients don’t even know what is wrong with that picture and that they are not getting the right fit and technology for their money.

And as for marketing, who knew that you were going to be competing with so many side-by-sides and fluorescent signage everywhere attracting your potential patients.  Price pointing is a continual battle with the big chain stores who can buy in bulk.

The point being…

While the above are the possible problems of a practice, they do NOT have to become actual fact.  There are solutions for every practice problem.

We have 125 optometry practices across Canada who have used our services for a year (or many years) and are flourishing like they never thought possible.  The difference is that they have had practice management training and consulting with us and so know what to do to achieve their ideal practice.

DREAM BIG AGAIN!  And make it happen!

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