sales skills

Make your business work for you

Canadian RDTs are well primed to carry out the technical aspects of their profession. It’s taking care of business that seems the higher hurdle. With competition elbowing in and clients demanding ever more value for less money, and escalating costs for raw materials and equipment, and the price of continuing education increasing, it’s tough to

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Wasting Marketing Dollars

Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing Denturists frequently ask me “What is the typical successful denture clinic doing?”. This is a hard one to answer as I don’t believe there is such thing as a “typical” denture clinic. Every clinic is unique, has a different set of goals and will strive for those goals in its own way.

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“Shopper” Handling

When someone contacts your office to ask about the price or cost of your services, realize that they are not “shoppers” most of the time. They are not sitting at home dialing practitioners to harass them or their staff. Usually, you have a potential new patient at the other end of the line and it

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