That Important Front Desk

In the hundreds of practices we are in contact with per week, we get to talk briefly with a lot of Receptionists manning the front desk. Some need work, some are okay, some are good, and every once in a while, we are delighted to be talking to an outstanding individual who really cares and

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Hard at Reception

It’s a little rough on Reception sometimes!

Being at the front end of a practice has its charm … being able to meet and greet all the wonderful clientele of your practice who appreciate your services a whole bunch. There are occasional moments though when things can be a bit rough, and ducking under the desk might seem like a viable option

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excellent service

Department of First Impressions

How important is the staff member manning your front desk? Extremely! Here are a couple of experiments: Try phoning around to 5-10 different practices (not your competitors, please!) and put yourself in the shoes of a new patient or client and see how you feel about the response at the other end of the line.

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Outstanding Service

Extreme Service!

Walking into a healthcare practice for the first time as a new patient or client, you form an instant opinion about the practice if you are an aware and observant person. The carpet is messy, the front desk is cluttered, the receptionist didn’t instantly greet you warmly and make you feel you are in the

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The Face of Your Practice

How would you like to be a patient in either of these practices: I walked into a practice recently and it was very nicely appointed.  There were a couple of well-groomed receptionists sitting behind the front desk.  I stood in the doorway for a moment, deciding whether to go in and ask for a business

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