encouraging staff


Be Inspiring!

Whether you are the leader of the practice or a team member, you will enjoy your labours more profoundly if you are working to inspire yourself and the others around you to be the very best they can be. I have compiled a bunch of inspiring quotes to help.  Have you too made a quote

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Make Things Happen

Motivating Staff and The Boss

Words Of Encouragement I was speaking with a staff member of a healthcare practice the other day and she had a problem. This young woman is the sole staff member in the practice. She told me that her boss never gives her encouragement and wondered what she could do about it. She used to run

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How to Destroy a Really Great Staff Member

You can hire the best of candidates to join your staff team – she has the right experience and good enthusiasm and lots of good ideas. She also, from her side of the picture, has high hopes that YOU are going to be a great leader and that you know how to train her so

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