The Power Of Encouragement

Have you ever experienced an entire day … or week (or month … shudder at the thought) without anyone appreciating one or more of all the right and positive things you did? Ever feel unappreciated? Do you occasionally wonder if anyone cares that you put your heart and soul into producing excellent products? Maybe your

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To Succeed, You Need To Lead

Whether you are the owner of a practice or one of the team members who make the practice happen, you are a leader to others.  Perhaps it is your staff you are leading, or maybe you are leading the patients/clients towards ideal care, or maybe you are a mom or dad leading your children, or

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Make Things Happen

Motivating Staff and The Boss

Words Of Encouragement I was speaking with a staff member of a healthcare practice the other day and she had a problem. This young woman is the sole staff member in the practice. She told me that her boss never gives her encouragement and wondered what she could do about it. She used to run

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