efficiency in the work place


Increasing Efficiency

A practice can be a very busy environment and the pace can be fast and furious with patients coming and going.  It is easy for things to fall through the cracks.  Sometimes important things.  Things that are dropped service to the patients and cause upsets.  You may, as the boss, find yourself firing off orders

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Inefficiencies Eating Your Profits?

Many healthcare professionals have the “feeling” that there are a lot of ways that their practice is being inefficient but either don’t know in what way exactly; or they do know, but don’t know what to do about it.  However, they have the feeling that if they just “tightened up the ship” they would experience

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Next Level = More STRESS?

Many healthcare professionals whom we have had the pleasure of working with equated the idea of expanding their practice with doubling the current stress. But does it have to be? In a word, “NO!” Here are a couple of Quick Tips to help you improve the current scene and then to expand smoothly without adding

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