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Every Day is a School Day

  Have you ever met a “know best?” This is someone who thinks they know everything already and that there is nothing more they can learn or need to know. Infuriating, right? Their mind is so tightly closed that they are functioning in their own little world and shutting out the rest of life. This

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Handling an Angry Patient

Your day at the front desk is going along well with a lot of really nice clients or patients who are very appreciative of the terrific service and care they have received. Then suddenly, the calm and peace is ripped apart by an angry client, whether on the phone or in person. This is never

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Dealing with Rejection

Most healthcare professionals start off their careers full of bright, shiny enthusiasm to get their patients or clients to accept the ideal care they now know how to deliver. However, as time goes on and you have presented hundreds and thousands of treatment plans or made your best recommendations, you have probably had your advice

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Broken Piggy Bank

Are You Giving Away Your Retirement?

This article about discounting your fees has graced the pages of Denturism Canada a number of years ago.  However, the issue continues to rear its ugly head, so we wanted to “play it again.” The theme is:  Be the BEST and get compensated appropriately, or how to eliminate discounts in a practice.  By discounting, you

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