Am I a Good Staff Member?

Bosses of the world, please pay attention as this is a seriously important question to every one of your staff.  You hire them, put them on the job and hope for the best.  Each one of them can make or break the success of your practice, and the brightest ones are aware of this and

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3 Important Tools to Increase Efficiency

Most practice owners say they are concerned with how to increase the efficiency and production of their practices.  Actually, most business people of any kind want the same thing.  So what is so mysterious or tricky about having a totally efficient practice? Let’s answer that first and then it will open the door as to

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Feel Better about your desk

How to Feel Better about Your Desk

I have been in more than 100 practices over the years of meeting with practitioners about their businesses, and have seen with my own eyes the state of the nation regarding the desks within.  Some have been very impressive and were designed in a way to give the impression of a calm, cool and collected

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