Successful People have Drive and Initiative

Successful people have certain qualities that they have developed in order to achieve their goals.  Some of the qualities are forged habits, others are just the way the person views or takes on situations or initiates opportunities, and some is the drive and energy which they invest into everything they do.

How to avoid being unsuccessful:

  1. The first question to ask yourself is do you really WANT to be more successful at what you are doing? If you have sunk down into apathy and given up, and there is no way you are interested in pulling out of it, you don’t need to read the rest of the article.
  1. If you are feeling like you have no energy to put into anything you may have a medical condition like lack of iron or vitamins and minerals, etc. Go see a naturopath or a good doctor to investigate to see if there is a physical cause.  (For instance, B12 shots are great at pumping up energy.)  If it is not physical, then it may simply be that YOU are not creating the energy and that could be all it is.  Finding something to do that you are passionate about really helps you WANT to create energy and get “into it.”
  1. Habits can be forged in steel that you know work for you. A silly but true example is how you start your morning.  If you force yourself to get up at a certain time, make your bed, do a little workout, take your shower, eat a healthy breakfast and leave for work at a time that gets you there early so you can plan your day out, the rest of the day will go much more smoothly which lead to success.
  1. Quit blaming things on other people and situations. Instead, look at YOUR responsibility with regard to what happened and what YOU can do to fix it.  Every time you blame else someone for something it is like saying you are a nothing and can’t control anything.  You have to turn that attitude around into a more causative view, and figure out how to be in control (obviously without harming the other person!).
  1. Keep your word to yourself. If you decided to do something and think it is the right thing to do, make sure you DO it.  Push on through to completion.  You will be stronger and more able every time you accomplish what you said you would.
  1. Look at situations objectively instead of taking them personally. Look closely at all the data on why and who and what.  Many situations resolve easily once you get the FULL picture.  This is a tricky habit to form but once you practice it consciously for a few times, it becomes easier and eventually a natural way of working.
  1. Don’t just wait for things to happen or opportunities to “present” themselves. Go looking for them.  Most successful people create or find opportunities.
  1. Care about others. Be really interested in helping people … genuinely interested.  Life is fuller when you are helping others and caring for them.

There are many more qualities that successful people have but if you just got all the above going all at once, you are probably well on your way to success!

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